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About BTM Automotive Machining llc.
BTM Automotive machining has grown out of the need for quality machining of one off or custom parts for the automotive and power sports industry.  

Bryon graduated from warren techs machine tool program  in 1997 and has spent the last 23 years in the automotive industry from parts stores to dealership mechanic and with several automotive machine shops in 2009 he started BTM Automotive    in 2018 in need of a quality machine shop to rebuild heads he made the decision to buy machines and bring the engine machining in house  to be able to control quality better.  2 weeks after buying the first machine he realized he didn't have the time to repair cars our rebuilding services and machining has taken over due to our quality and attention to detail 
Interested in learning more?
Bryon's great great grandfather's gas station 
located at 3091 South Broadway Englewood, CO. 
Bryon's story - " I've always had a passion for mechanical stuff. I grew up in a family where things were repaired, not tossed out. My great grandfather who was a mechanic for 60 years, sparked a passion in me for cars that has turned into a career. He taught me to make a proper repair and be honest with your customer."  
  "I started at the age of 16 at a parts store and continued to gain skills and knowledge at several independent shops. Then worked my way up until I was able to get into a Ford dealer and continue my learning with factory training. ".
3997 S. Mariposa Street
Englewood, CO. 80110